Low information Chili Pepper.

We last heard from Red Hot Chili Peppers bass player Flea when he jumped aboard the celebri-ghoul train after the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre. “Ban all guns,” he tweeted. “Change the Constitution.”

Now he’s declared George Zimmerman, whose name he apparently doesn’t even know, “that guy who murdered Trayvon Martin.” And he wants to know what’s up with Zimmerman these days.

Hey, Flea, ever hear of a newspaper? There’s also this newfangled thingamajig called “the Google.” It’s full of “links” to “news” and stuff. Or, you know, you could ask your Twitter followers for an update and retweet the responses that fit your gun-grabbing narrative.

Which is exactly what Flea did. Here’s what Flea retweeted:


Why bother with a trial? Now that Flea knows the deal with the “over zealous security guard” who “stalked” and “murdered” a “15 year old,” case closed.

We’ll leave you with Flea’s deep thoughts on humanity.