Thousands of Americans are expected to rally in support of gun rights at Day of Resistance demonstrations nationwide today. Total non-story, natch.

But CNN’s Scoop Valencia has a nose for news! Gun-totin’ Klanners? On it!

No agenda here, right?

Don’t put words in his mouth. Serious You Guys.

* * *


Valencia explains that he’s not doing a story on the rally, but on the KKK. If the Klan members happen to stop by the rally, what’s he to do? A better question is this: would CNN have covered a pro-gun rally, which is likely to attract hundreds if not thousands, without the excuse of trailing a handful of Klan members there?

Conservatives kindly try to explain the connection which real journalist Valencia just can’t seem to see.

So Valencia can follow around some Klansmen to figure out where they’re coming from, but that tweet has him confounded. Maybe he should call fellow reporter Brian Ross to get some background on the media’s specious connection between gun violence and the Tea Party.


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