Ladies, if you like your panties, you can keep them … as long as you don’t actually call them “panties.” Giving new meaning to “panty raid,” the self-parodying language cops have your undies in their crosshairs. Really:

“Can this simultaneously too-sexualized and too-babyish nickname be retired?” asks The Atlantic.

With her panties in a full-blown twist, writer Sarah Fentem insists she’s not against “sexy words” like “lick” and “dildo” — it’s just that the word “panties” is “infantilizing” and borders on “degrading.” One of her friends suggests the terms “top undies” and “bottom undies” to replace “bra” and “panties.”

Fentem isn’t alone. She cites writers at HuffPo and Cracked who share her “disgust.”

Yes, the word “disgust” is used. Hilariously, the panty-police movement has some support on Twitter.