Heh. Obvious tweet is obvious — unless you’re “real journalist” Suzi Parker.

The Washington Post tweeted a correction this afternoon after the ever-dependable Twitterverse pointed out that Parker’s Palin Derangement Syndrome gums up the gears of her satire-detector.

Here are a couple of handy translations of WaPo’s correction:

The @SheThePeople tweet is still up, with no correction on that feed.


But WaPo deleted the evidence of an earlier tweet announcing Suzi Parker’s big scoop.


Too bad Twitchy is forever, as is the hilarious #SuziParkerScoops hashtag.

Any correction from Parker? Nah. But Duran Duran? She’s on it!

Hey, anyone up for a game?

Sweet! Can we play against Suzi Parker? We hear she can’t see satire from her house.

Last word goes to Sarah Palin: