Jamie Raskin, a Maryland state senator, is totally serious about listening to debate about Gov. Martin O’Malley’s anti-gun push. In an image being circulated on Twitter, a man identified as Raskin demonstrates his absolute laser-like focus during a hearing on proposed gun control legislation.

Check out a closeup image at Breitbart.com.

Evidently focusing on testimony is above his pay grade.



Raskin is one of the ghouls shamelessly using the Newtown tragedy to further an anti-freedom agenda. “I think there’s a concern that the spirit of Newtown — that resolve — is already beginning to slip away,” he said. No word on whether he was playing Minesweeper at the time.

Tweets from an unverified account that appears to belong to the state senator:

Or, you know, time to play chess.


The inevitable Raskin Photoshops:

Where hasn’t Raskin played chess? More hilarious Photoshops on the Raskin Plays Chess Facebook page.