In January 2012, the late Andrew Breitbart declared Michael Moore one of his favorite capitalists. “I want to give him a hug,” he told FTR Radio executive director Thomas LaDuke.

And really, shouldn’t we all be “Hugging Moore“?

On Monday, FTR Media and Get Over Yourself Productions released a trailer for a brilliant and hilarious documentary project inspired by Breitbart: “Hugging Moore.” The film will contrast Michael Moore’s “eat the rich” attacks on capitalism with how the one-percenter actually lives his lifeSo much material to work with!

Would you hug Michael Moore? New media trailblazer Andrew Breitbart sure wanted to. On a visit to Moore’s theater in early 2012, Andrew searched for his favorite capitalist. In “Hugging Moore,” we will explore-in true Breitbart style-the reasons why Michael Moore has become wealthy on a system he so despises.

The people behind “Hugging Moore” are the same fun, snarky warriors who run FTR Radio, an online streaming radio station serving the conservative grassroots community. Kicking lefty arse with humor and wit is what they do best.

Check out the trailer at

Donations are needed to fund the documentary. A $10 contribution will get your name listed as a supporter on the film’s website; A $50 donation also includes acknowledgment on the film’s Facebook page and Twitter feed, behind-the-scenes footage and a copy of the documentary.

Conservatives are already rallying to support the project, which was announced on The Snark Factor with Fingers Malloy on Monday night.

We’re stocking up on popcorn. A funny, entertaining film that channels Andrew Breitbart to skewer the revoltingly hypocritical Moore? Yes, please!