Predictable, but no less revolting. Gun-grabbing cretins are out in full force today as freedom-loving Americans celebrate Gun Appreciation Day, and they’re shamelessly using the names of those killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School to advance their agenda.

That tweet from AMERICAblog’s Gabe Ortiz was favorited by more than 50 Twitter users and has racked up hundreds of retweets.

Other anti-gun zealots are tweeting similar sentiments.

But when it comes to victims killed with Fast and Furious weapons or the people murdered in liberal cities with strict gun restrictions, crickets. When it comes to the women and men empowered to protect themselves and their families from violent criminals, crickets.

This isn’t about the victims of gun violence; It’s about demonizing law-abiding gun owners to promote anti-gun legislation.

Sick and disgraceful.