Wait … what? Former presidents Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter are sticking taxpayers with the bill for premium cable channels?


The Daily Caller reports that Clinton used funds provided by the government for “post-presidency expenses like personnel, travel, rent and postage” to hook himself up with an office full of Skinemax.

That entertainment package, according to DirecTV’s website, includes premium channels like Cinemax, HBO and Showtime. Cinemax, for example, plays hit movies like “Aliens” and “50 First Dates,” according to a recent listing.

Late at night, the premium channel earns its “Skinemax” nickname with a turn toward adult programming, offering shows titles like “Busty Coeds Vs. Lusty Cheerleaders,” “Sex Games Cancun 01: Last Temptation of Hank” and “Hotel Erotica Feature 05: Bedroom Fantasies 2.”

Clinton’s DirecTV package set taxpayers back $184.26 a month in 2011. Meanwhile, Carter went with an office Dish Network package that cost taxpayers $646.57 in 2011. He did not opt for Cinemax.

No word yet on whether Bush 41 or Bush 43 bill taxpayers for their Max After Dark fix.

Oh, and if you read “Cinemax” as “climax,” you’re not alone:

Hey, it wouldn’t be the first time.