Uh oh, looks like the jerk store is calling again. Piers Morgan took yet another a breather from Twitter (under 12 hours this time!) to scribble oh-so-genius comebacks and gun control arguments in his diary. And yes, once again, “right wing masses” mobilized to destroy his arguments within seconds.

Musket Morgan has no use for your silly “little book.” And he still doesn’t get how these Constitutional amendment thingies work.

But hey, Musket’s just nobly trying to save American lives!

Yes, every American serious about preventing violent deaths gives a national platform to conspiracy kooks like Alex Jones. Anyway, back to his car analogy.

So, if cars had existed when the Constitution was drafted, it would have explicitly protected our God-given right to tool around in a Honda? Amazing.

What, no response to that one, Piers?

And the straw men just keep on comin’.



Ah, yes. The famously ambiguous “shall not be infringed.”

Wait, you want Piers to read something else? He hasn’t even cracked open that “little book” yet.


And that last retweet is Piers Morgan’s gun-grabbing argument in a nutshell.

What’s with you American freedom-fetishists? Your rights begin where Piers says they begin.

Really? And how are some of the strictest gun laws in the nation helping save children’s lives in Chicago?

Bingo! He even inspired a slew of new NRA memberships.

Anyone else getting bored by Musket’s gun-grabbing shtick and desperation for ratings?

Sadly, it’ll be a long time before Piers Morgan is “over Piers Morgan in the news.”


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