Earlier today, anti-gun Twitter user @craig_morton declared the NRA a “terrorist org.”

Enter conservative author and Breitbart.com contributor Kurt Schlichter with an excellent question:

Craig’s response? Nah, not all the members, “just the leaders, eventually nobody will want the job, problem solved!”

Like celeb anti-gun zealots  Marg Helgenberger and Joyce Carol Oates and other oh-so-civil Twitter users, he wants to solve the gun “problem” by killing off his ideological opponents. But he’s the victim, natch.

Paging Twitter. This looks an awful lot like a violation of your official rules.

Schlichter wasn’t about to let this one slide.

So, how does Craig plan to get the job done?

Oh, not with violence, he claimed after being called out. With oh-so-lethal liberal “common sense!”

There might be a wrinkle in his plan.