Today wasn’t the first time CNN focused on how traumatic the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre was … for journalists. Just two days after 20 children and six adults were murdered at the school, CNN discussed the terrible toll on media vultures swooping in to pick at the remains of the shattered town.

Those would be the same vultures who interviewed child witnesses hours after the shooting, harassed victims’ families for a scoop, interrupted grieving families at church and mobbed people attending children’s funerals. Newtown, Conn., residents have begged the media to leave them alone. And CNN anchors think the public wants to hear about the distress experienced by journalists?

Not all reporters covering the aftermath of the massacre have been insensitive ghouls. And anyone with a soul is pained by the stories and images from Newtown.

Forgive us if right now we’re more concerned with the impact the media are having on survivors and victims’ families.