“Common sense laws,” eh? That’s a somewhat less violent gun-control strategy than the one Marg Helgenberger advocated last week.

Hours after the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, the former “CSI” actress  joined author Joyce Carol Oates in “hoping” that shooting a significant number of NRA numbers would result in gun control.

Helgenberger has still not retracted that tweet or apologized for hoping NRA members would get shot. But that’s a-OK, because like many celebs, she’s joining the “national conversation” about gun violence by demanding a plan for stuff. Or something.

Is that her backup strategy in case the whole shooting NRA members thing doesn’t pan out? Or are they just companion pieces in the gun control puzzle?

Helgenberger joins dozens of celebrity know-it-alls in signing on to the “Demand a Plan” campaign being pushed by starstruck gun-grabber Nanny Bloomberg.


Will any of these actors and sports figures confront Helgenberger about her violent death wish for NRA members? We won’t hold our breath.

How many of these celebs are “demanding a plan” that will include giving up their armed security?