Fox News contributor Steven Crowder was viciously assaulted and threatened with murder in Michigan on Tuesday as a mob of knife-wielding union thugs slashed an Americans for Prosperity tent to pieces. Since then, the Left has engaged in a despicable victim-blaming campaign while media lapdogs have ignored the union violence or tried to discredit Crowder with falsehoods.

A Michigan Dem promised “there will be blood,” and evidently the bloodlust wasn’t sated on Tuesday. Threats have grown so severe that Crowder says he’s brought in an armed guard to protect his wife.

What say you, progressives?

LOL? Decent people are not amused and offered prayers and support.

On Thursday, the state director of Americans for Prosperity-Michigan filed a police report and called on labor leaders to condemn the union violence. Let’s hope the goons who assaulted Crowder and right-to-work activists in Michigan and the thug-supporters threatening his family are brought to justice swiftly.

Oh, and for the unhinged libs and media (sorry, redundant) suggesting Crowder provoked the Tuesday assault? Try again: