Just over a week ago, the New York Post earned harsh criticism for a heartless front page photo showing a man moments before an oncoming subway train took his life. Today, the Post is under fire again for a cover photo of 31-year-old Brandon Lincoln Woodard seconds before he was shot to death execution-style. But is the backlash fair?


Last week’s controversial Post cover was taken by a photographer who chose to snap the pic rather than aid the man who was about to die. This time, the photo is a still from security video. It was released by authorities hoping the public can help identify the hitman.

The ongoing search for the gunman makes this unquestionably newsworthy. Even so, the Twitterverse is almost universally appalled.


Yes, the Post wants to sell papers. But Woodard’s family desperately wants justice for their murdered son. If a sensational cover helps nab the hitman, the Post hardly deserves scorn as a “snuff paper.”