Sigh. Yes, apparently Whole Foods is now sexist for suggesting that sometimes women make dinner for their husbands. The horror!

Hey, if asking Amb. Susan Rice to explain her post-Benghazi attack video-blaming is sexist, why not this?

Here’s the Facebook post from the Davis, California, Whole Foods that has oh-so-enlightened and empowered customers screeching about being flung back to the 1950s.

It’s half past seven, your man is asking what’s for dinner. You completely spaced. No worries, we will meet you in the frozen aisle.

Tsk, tsk, Whole Foods. Should’ve gone with “spouse,” or even better, “partner.” Because OMG SEXIST!!111! If Whole Foods was going for “retro” or simply reaching out to a subset of customers, people on Facebook didn’t see it that way. A sampling of the reaction to the post:


“Someone’s gonna get fired”? For the high crime of targeting female customers who dare to set themselves back 60 years by — gasp! — cooking for their families? We bet some of these women even tool around the kitchen barefoot. Or worse, pregnant! Heaven forfend!


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