The State Department is undertaking the critical diplomatic work of redesigning its website and part of that effort involves renaming its DipNote blog. Evidently the current name is “not optimal,” so the department has decided to crowdsource the name.

Well, kinda. You’re limited to four choices, one of which is the blog’s current name:

  • Unclassified: The State Department Blog
  • Statecraft
  • DipNote
  • Matters of State

But that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun tweeting our more creative suggestions to the State Department, right? Bump in the Road Blog? Spontaneous Reaction?

Tweet your ideas to @StateDept and Twitchy will collect them here. Hey, we’re just gettin’ out the vote!


Anyone up for a little #StateDepartmentBlogNames action?

Keep ’em comin’, Twitter!

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