Oopsies. Evidently the California Federation of Teachers realized it wasn’t such a bright idea to demonstrate “economic inequality” by having animated one-percenters urinate on poor people. After significant backlash, the union appears to have quietly cut the repulsive scene from the propaganda video narrated by far Left Hollyweirdo Ed Asner. The original video is now listed as private on YouTube.

The most disgusting portion of the video has been replaced by a still scene, sans urination, on the CFT website. The segment starts at about the 2:50 mark:

But just because the union is backing down doesn’t mean Asner is willing to distance himself from the proud statement he made on behalf of California teachers.


Yep, as Sean Hannity revealed on his Wednesday evening TV program, Asner actually said that to a Fox News producer who asked him if he remembered narrating the video. Because he’s totally For the Children™, natch.

Visit NewsBusters for a transcript of the exchange.

As Twitchy founder Michelle Malkin notes, Asner has a history of anti-free speech thuggery and 9/11 trutherism — y’know, the classic signs of liberal civility.

Full segment with Sean Hannity and Michelle Malkin here:

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