Editor’s note: See update at the bottom of this post before using the Stop Rush database.

Last week Twitchy told you about Leigh Brown, the “no BS realtor” who slapped down the Twitter thugs who targeted her business after it was added to the Stop Rush database of Rush Limbaugh sponsors.

But Brown’s RE/MAX franchise is far from the only business being threatened by anti-Rush goons. The Stop Rush database contains thousands of businesses, large and small. And each and every day, the Twitter bully brigade uses the database to aid its campaign against those who commit the high crime of advertising on Limbaugh’s program.


But like Leigh Brown, happy warriors are fighting back by letting these businesses know that ignoring the bullies will pay off. Instead of using the Stop Rush database to boycott Limbaugh sponsors, they’re hijacking it for a Christmas shopping buycott.

‘Tis the season of giving! Who knew the anti-Rush crowd was into this giving stuff?

The Stop Rush database even has a handy search function so you can find small businesses that advertise on your local station. Happy shopping!


Some of the Stop Rush crew and a couple of Twitchy commenters say that searching the database automatically spams sponsors.


Automated email harassment? Classy! And just about the only thing that could make these tools appear even less credible.

If anyone has more info on this, please leave a comment below. If true, it’s easy enough to see what businesses these spammers are targeting by keeping an eye on the #StopRush hashag on Twitter.

But it’s likely businesses will filter out a flood of carbon copy hate mail anyway. As Twitchy commenter WisconsinPatriot notes:

I am certain that form hate mail from a source such as that, would be ignored or disposed of. If they are aware that WE are using it for good(not evil), maybe they will use it as a sales forecasting tool. Just a thought.

If you patronize any of these businesses, be sure to let them know how you found them and that the hate mail is coming from spammers, not a large number of angry consumers.

View the Stop Rush database here.


We have yet to see any evidence that the database auto-contacts Rush’s sponsors. Color us skeptical, but again, please let us know if a sponsor confirms that it’s happening.

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