Ladies and gentlemen, the oh-so-enlightened comedy stylings of MSNBC contributor and “Game Change” co-author John Heilemann.

Don’t forget to try to veal!

Here’s what Heilemann said about Sen. Kelly Ayotte joining Sens. John McCain and Lindsey Graham as their “third amigo” now that Sen. Joe Lieberman is moving on.

They need a third amigo at all times. So now they have — now two of the three are women — now at least one of the three are women.

Presumably it was a dig at unmarried South Carolina Sen. Graham. Because, you know, nothing says tolerance like using “woman” as a slur. Believe us, the ladies love it! Heilemann must get all the chicks.

So, did the “Morning Joe” crew call out Heilemann for attacking Graham’s masculinity on the “Lean Forward” network? Nah. They laughed, then quickly cut away.

And after their giggle fits, they edited that part out of the second airing.

Why is it OK? Duh! Because liberalism comes with a free pass on sexism, racism and pretty much all forms of bigotry. Didn’t you know?

Heilemann and “Morning Joe” hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski have yet to acknowledge the obnoxious remark on their respective Twitter accounts. But MSNBC’s quick and dirty edits aren’t going to make this one go away now that Drudge is on the case.