Does it irk you when people hashtag every tweet for no apparent reason? The parents of an adorable newborn girl have reportedly taken hashtagging to another truly unfortunate level that will result in decades of therapy bills.

While it doesn’t appear to be a confirmed story (and we hope it’s not true), The Daily Dot reports that Hashtag Jameson was welcomed to the world on Saturday night and “weyed” in at 8 pounds.

Her mom, Look At Me Jameson, and dad, Attention Whore Jameson, must be so proud!

There isn’t much that unites the Twitterverse, but this choice of names is something most Twitter users agree is a bad call.

We eagerly await the explanation for why Hashtag’s birth was announced on … Facebook.

Do us a favor: If you hear about anyone naming a kid #TeamUterati, keep us in the dark. We really don’t want to know.