Yep, the Muslim Brotherhood’s English language Twitter account has opted to endorse its favorite Egyptian dictator for Time magazine’s Person of the Year nod. That’s right, not Benjamin Netanyahu, Michael Bloomberg or maybe viral video star PSY — the Brotherhood is going all in for Mohamed Morsi.

Who’d a thunk it?

Yes, we’re doing McKayla Maroney’s “not impressed” face. But we expect Morsi’s fellow Person of the Year nominee Sandra Fluke will be crushed. Crushed! Not because an aspiring tyrant was nominated, mind you, but because of the patriarchal boys club.

The Muslim Brotherhood also had itself a smiley emoticon-enhanced giggle over Morsi’s recent move to “temporarily” grant himself dictatorial powers.

Er … LOL tyranny? Unfortunately, we’re pretty sure that was more of a maniacal Dr. Evil laugh than an “OMG kitteh haz cheezburger” giggle.

After cracking a dictator joke and pimping out Morsi for POTY, @Ikhwanweb was back to doing what the people behind the account love best: spreading propaganda.

Low turnout? The pictures speak for themselves.