You can tell former model Bianca Jagger wants to be taken seriously and isn’t at all cuckoo — she even whipped out the all caps “ALERT,” the true mark of sanity and level-headed discourse.

With nary a raised Twitter eyebrow or skeptical disclaimer, Jagger shared a link to an article (Google’s cached copy here) claiming that a Swedish Green Party politician has “openly admitted” that toxic chemtrails are real. Not only that, the clouds of supposedly poisonous chemicals, viruses and toxic metals (really) are a joint project of the CIA, NSA and Swedish government to “modify atmospheric conditions.” And the website totally looks legit.

Not a wild conspiracy theory? Sure thing, Bianca. Tell us, what’s your take on the Illuminati’s weather manipulation via the Bilderberg-funded HAARP project? C’mon, brave truth-teller, don’t let the New World Order keep you down!