Walmart has played footsie with the SEIU, Democrats and Soros operatives, but that did nothing to deter Big Labor from organizing a Black Friday walkout. As Michelle Malkin notes in her syndicated column today, “When you lie down with thugs, you get up with … more black eyes.”

Is Walmart heir Alice Walton trying a little more union appeasement on for size?

Actually, that supposed expression of solidarity is a big ol’ hoax.

The Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, founded by Walton, will be open on Black Friday. And the statement from Walton that’s being passed around social media appears on, a site reportedly unaffiliated with the museum. A museum spokesperson says the quotes attributed to Walton are false.

Of course, that’s not stopping the Left’s union pushers from giddily celebrating Walton’s supposed show of solidarity.

If the source looks fishy, that’s because it is fishy. But, you know, Google is hard.