Fresh off her tipsy jaunt to Australia and a swing through Cambodia, Thailand and “Myanmar” with President Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is taking the sisterhood of the traveling pantsuit to the Middle East today “to consult on the situation in Gaza.” Let’s hope she left her bottle down under.

An Israeli official said a possible ground invasion has been put “on hold” as Clinton prepares to join ceasefire talks with leaders in Israel, the West Bank and Egypt.

Unsurprisingly, Obama will not be joining Clinton at her meetings with Netanyahu and Abbas.

But hey, maybe the White House will grace us with another Historic™ photo of the president phoning it in. More on Clinton’s trip to the region:

No worries, guys. Hillary’s got this covered!

Will Clinton continue to remain silent on Turkey’s claim that Israel is engaged in acts of “terrorism”?

Also headed to the region is U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, who is expected to arrive ahead of Clinton.