As Twitchy reported, liberals called for a boycott of Papa John’s Pizza when CEO John Schnatter predicted that Obamacare would force franchisees to cut employees’ hours. Citizens who support Schnatter’s freedom of speech and fully understand the realities of Obamacare countered with calls for a National Papa John’s Appreciation Day “buycott” on Nov. 16.

Chick-fil-A-style buycott? Don’t mind if we do.

Sorry, libs. This is what freedom tastes like:

One Twitter user noted that there’s another reason to support Papa John’s.

Plenty declared that their support for Papa John’s also reflected their support for America, but that didn’t stop the movement from spreading beyond borders.

Hostess wasn’t originally part of the plan, but quite a few found a way to work Twinkies into their celebration.

Editor’s note: This post has been updated with more information on the reason for the Appreciation Day.