Since the election results came in, lefties have been demanding — yes, demanding — that Paul Ryan change his @PaulRyanVP Twitter handle. Oh-so-clever Obama/Biden supporters even came up with a few pathetic suggestions like @JohnGaltFAIL and @PaulRyanLOSER.

Behold just some of the douchebaggery:

He’d “better” delete it? Or what? Obama will have his “revenge“?

Others suggested the “VP” in Ryan’s handle could stand for something other than “vice president.”

Pretty much the reaction to Obama’s victory we’d expect from the side that wished rape on Paul Ryan’s wifemade abortion jokes about his daughter, salivated over hate-f*cking him and fantasized about his mother aborting him.

Oh, and newsflash: Paul Ryan still has a job in Congress and a Twitter handle to go with it.