Post-election snark from comedian Jon Lovitz? Unlike the Nobel Prize, President Obama did earn that.

The disgruntled Dem and frequent Obama critic isn’t looking “Forward!” to dangerously long waits for medical care. And like many Americans, Lovitz is concerned about the devastating impact of Obamacare on business owners and their employees.

As many heartbroken small business owners noted on Twitter, Obama’s reelection means they’re already being forced to lay off dedicated employees. Others shared their personal stories with Lovitz.

President Obama, you built that. Heckuva job, Barry!

Lovitz also took the time to respond to some of his Twitter critics.

Jon Lovitz advocates personal responsibility, calls out the dangers of Obamacare and reads Twitchy?

Welcome to conservative fold, Mr. Lovitz! We’re thrilled to have another happy warrior among us.


Lovitz continued engaging fans and critics and slaying trolls on Twitter this afternoon.

Facts are hard for some. Pesky truth!


See Twitchy? We fully endorse that advice.

Lovitz has been a frequent target of the Left’s sweet and loving “tolerance” since he dared to commit the unforgiveable sin of criticizing Obama. In July, he called out liberals’ despicable race card-playing.

Oh, we’re seeing it, Jon. Keep fighting the good fight!

And, BOOM:


Lovitz is on a roll:

Aw, snap.

Facts are hard for the Left.

Unfortunately, stories like that are bound to become all too common in the coming months. The truth may be hard to swallow for the Left, but we appreciate Mr. Lovitz’s dedication to putting it out there for all to see.


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