Rumors of post-election “riots” on the Ole Miss campus in Oxford, Mississippi, spread quickly overnight and are still making the rounds this morning.

Race riots in Mississippi? Yikes.

Actually, false, according to multiple reporters and eyewitnesses.

But that didn’t stop the BuzzFeed lapdogs from pushing out an early morning post titled “University Of Mississippi Students Riot Over Obama Victory.

BuzzFeed gleefully “reported” the supposed riot over “President Barack Obama’s re-election” and tossed in this sneering line at the end:

Ironically, prior to Tuesday night conservative bloggers had warned of plots by black youth to riot if Obama lost the election, a charge that police dismissed.

But as  several media outlets noted, there was no riot. And there were reportedly no injuries or arrests during the student protest. (Editor’s note: The report linked in the previous sentence has been updated to reflect two arrests: one “one for public intoxication and one for failure to comply with police orders.”)

A number of people on the scene also challenged the idea that violent “riots” had broken out at Ole Miss.

Margaret Ann Morgan, whose Twitter bio describes her as a University of Mississippi journalism student, initially characterized the protests as “riots” and tweeted about violence and racial slurs on campus.

She later retracted her tweets and apologized.

An image bouncing around Twitter purports to show a University of Mississippi student burning an Obama campaign sign. One despicable Twitter user whose account contains racial epithets claims he appears in the photo.

Twitchy was unable to find a news organization that had verified the photograph was taken on campus. WMCTV (a station that also called the protest a “riot”) was told by an onlooker that a sign was briefly lit on fire, but there was no riot.

“I was there the whole time. No rocks were thrown. There was 1 sign lit on fire. For about 45 seconds,” Carr said. “Mostly, it was 100s of college kids who heard the word riot and ran to take pictures and see what it was about. Again, no rocks or missiles thrown.”

Here’s video of the protest.

Odd how those who immediately cry “riot” despite eyewitness accounts to the contrary are the same sort of media whitewashers who won’t call Occupy bomb plots “terrorism” and refuse to acknowledge the wave of criminality at OWS camps.

If these reporters and eyewitnesses are correct, it’s time to update your post and apologize to the Ole Miss community, BuzzFeed.

Note: This post has been updated to reflect new information in one of the linked reports.