There’s no question that people are suffering in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Twitchy has covered the devastation extensively. But never fear, Michael Moore finally showed up in New York City to help. And by “help,” we mean “armchair quarterback the post-Sandy relief effort.”

Apparently Moore didn’t get the memo from his beloved Occupy Movement: A New York City sans electricity, transportation and supplies is an anti-capitalist utopia!

Instead of parroting the Occupy talking points, Moore railed against the media for failing to bring attention to the devastation left behind by the storm … during a hit on CNN last night. It really is a crying shame the media won’t give him a platform.

But of course, Moore could be bothered to pry his fingers away from his keyboard long enough to, you know, actually do something for the people struggling to find food and water. Slacktivism at its finest.

Meanwhile, one million meals and safe drinking water are being distributed to people in storm-torn areas of New York City.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo even tweeted about the effort to bring supplies to those in need.

We’re sure Moore will get around to retweeting those tweets any minute now. Why not? He’s not doing anything else to help.