Yesterday entrepreneur and former adult film star Jenna Jameson slammed President Obama for voting “present” on a bill to protect rape victims. As RedState and The Daily Caller reported, in 1999 Obama was the only Illinois state senator who failed to vote for a bill to allow sexual assault victims to have their cases sealed after a conviction.

But even the Jenna Jameson angle wasn’t enough to rouse the media from their long nap in the president’s drool-covered lap.

Former Mitt Romney aide Richard Grenell called out the president’s lapdogs for conveniently ignoring Obama’s War on Women while despicably using Richard Mourdock’s pro-life remarks to portray the GOP Senate candidate as “pro-rape.”

Actually, it should be reported much more extensively since it’s actually relevant to voters, especially voters who constantly tout Obama as For The Women™. But it won’t be. Obama’s palace guard media have too much invested in the false narrative that Republicans are the ones waging a War on Women.