The Obama campaign has repeatedly treated women like walking “lady parts.” And earlier this week, CNN suggested women’s voting habits are ruled by — you guessed it — lady parts!

Last night conservative Twitterers discovered a liberal’s campaign to get women to adorn their Twitter avatars with “Vote With Your Vagina” Twibbons. Really:

Yes, liberal women (and men) are decorating their avatars with tiny purple cartoon vaginas.

And they’re encouraging each other to “Vote With Your Vagina.”

The purple Twibbon was created by a woman who describes herself as a “snarky liberal Mama Bear of 2 boys.” Her Twitter bio demands, “Ask me about my vagina.”

You’ve come a long way, baby! Also, no thanks!

Is conservative Twitterer @FirstTeamTommy up to the challenge? Indeed he is:

Here’s his vagina Twibbon, pasted right over a ballot with a vote for Mitt Romney.

Note to the purple vagina brigade: conservative women won’t be reduced to sexual organs and will be voting with their lady smarts, not their lady parts.