This week, President Obama and his vile campaign repeatedly pushed the absurd narrative that Richard Mourdock, the Indiana GOP nominee for U.S. Senate, is a pro-rape candidate.

But as noted in an article tweeted by outspoken Romney supporter and rape survivor Jenna Jameson, Obama failed to vote in favor of a bill to protect sexual assault victims when he was Illinois state senator. The Daily Caller reports on Obama’s 1999 vote:

On May 11 of that year, Obama voted “present” on a bill, ultimately made law, that allows victims of sex crimes to request that their cases be sealed from public view following a criminal conviction. Illinois Senate voting records show that Obama was the only senator who did not vote in favor of the bill.

Obama’s unique objection to voting for a bill meant to protect victims of sex crimes is a substantial departure from the picture he has attempted to paint for women voters.

The Left tells us that President Obama is 100 percent For The Women™. Joe Biden might call that “malarkey,” but Obama had a better word for it in his Rolling Stone interview.

This isn’t the first time Jameson has called out the Left’s faux feminism. In August, she slammed liberals’ phony and insulting War on Women narrative.