Who wakes up in the morning and thinks, “How can I best support the sitting president’s bid for reelection? Eureka! I’ll shimmy into a skin-tight latex ballot with Mitt Romney’s name emblazoned on the crotch!”

Katy Perry, that’s who.

The “Teenage Dream” singer proudly strutted her Obama cultist couture at the president’s “block party” last night in Las Vegas. Because nothing says “serious and informed voter” like a rubber ballot dress. (OK, maybe Madonna had her beat with her Obama tramp stamp.)

Thanks, genius. We weren’t sure your appearance at an Obama rally was quite enough indication that you were voting for President Pop Star.

Boy, it’s a good thing she checked off Obama’s name!

Sigh. Cue the obligatory hanging chad jokes.


Helpful hint: Stay away from the Halloween stores today. We’re betting thousands of libs are desperately trying to return their Big Bird, binder and bayonet costumes this morning.

But it gets weirder (and more humiliating for Perry):

“I kissed an Obama sticker and I liked it”?

Perry finished off the night with a swoon for President Eye Candy.

Sure, he gave her a shout-out. But does Perry really want to put the president’s familiarity with her music to the test?