Who says Zach Braff isn’t funny? Sadly, we’re laughing at him, not with him.

First, the “Scrubs” actor and Obama cultist slammed Mitt Romney as an inexperienced “one term governor.” Welcome to Planet Braff, where a partial term in the U.S. Senate qualified Obama as “ready to lead,” but Romney’s full term as governor is pretty much worthless.

Presumably Braff was a McCain supporter in 2008 since Obama had less than one term under the belt holding up his mom jeans.

The comedy gold didn’t end there. One of Braff’s genius followers informed him that Romney was voted out of office after a single term as Massachusetts governor. Deciding that tidbit was too good to check, Braff gleefully retweeted it.

Really? Romney was voted out … by not seeking reelection? It’s a day ending in “y,” so Project School a Hollywood Lib is going strong.

Braff quickly deleted the retweet, but as Hollywood libs never seem to learn, the Internet is forever. Perhaps Braff can comfort himself with the knowledge that he’s not the only fact-challenged voter out there.




Won’t somebody explain why?

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