Uh oh. Fightin’ words from President Obama’s lying spin squad.

On Thursday afternoon, the @TruthTeam2012 Twitter account got its Narnia hate on in a tweet linking to a BuzzFeed article titled “25 Places That Look Not Normal, But Are Actually Real.”

“Narnia can go shove it”? As Jeryl Bier at Speak With Authority notes, “Someone at President Obama’s TruthTeam2012 with a little too much time on his hands just threw the faun, beaver, centaur, and gryphon vote.” Heh.

FACT: The tweet was deleted moments later, but not before Bier grabbed a screen shot.

The tweet was also captured by Topsy, an automated Twitter aggregator.

Naturally, the “Truth Team” didn’t bother acknowledging the Twitter misfire or subsequent deletion. Team Obama just isn’t that into transparency? Say it ain’t so!

But a Twitter user who identifies herself as an “Organizing for America” volunteer tweeted something very similar a short time later.

Rucker retweets the Truth Team’s tweets almost daily.

Did she swipe the Truth Team’s memory holed tweet and pass it off as her own? Or was she involved in Team Obama’s social media blunder?

Hat tip: Speak With Authority