President Obama can’t have that pesky Benghazi-gate “bump in the road” tripping him up at the second presidential debate tonight and he’s desperately hoping his bus has room underneath for roadkill in a pantsuit.

With Hillary Clinton already falling on her sword over the Benghazi security failures, why not take the blame for other travesties that could cause hiccups for President Finger-Pointer at tonight’s debate? It’s high time someone took responsibility for Milli Vanilli, New Coke and the Ford Pinto, and Hillary’s our gal.

Conservatives quickly trended the #HillaryAlsoTookTheBlameFor hashtag and kept it going all night.

Ask and you shall receive. We’re givers like that.

Someone must pay for these debacles, and it might as well be Hillary!

Man, that buck really gets around!

We don’t care who takes the bullet as long as this one comes to pass.

Make it happen!