Say it ain’t so!

Sure. She’ll get right on creating jobs and opportunity. Just as soon as she’s done creating her Cherokee heritage.

And we were so sure he’d throw his support behind Scott Brown.

But, you know, the president kinda has a thing for plagiarists. And lying liars who lie.


Fauxcahontas is thrilled, natch.

More from the president’s endorsement:

“Elizabeth Warren will be a strong, tireless and determined advocate for the people of Massachusetts, building on her remarkable record of working to help middle class families get ahead,” said President Obama. “Her life’s work has been helping ordinary Americans get the fair shot they need and deserve. Elizabeth’s passionate advocacy on behalf of consumers led to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. The agency is now protecting people from being taken advantage of by powerful companies. I know I can count on Elizabeth to stand with me to create jobs and opportunity for the people of Massachusetts and keep our country moving forward.”