The desperate Left is still clinging bitterly to the “Romney wants to kill Big Bird” meme. Not only did Team Obama feature Big Bird in an attack ad, but the “adults in the room” are planning a super serious Million Muppet March in November.

But Obama staffers aren’t just swelling with pride over this miserable failure of an attack. They’re making sure everyone knows that “one-woman attack squad” Stephanie Cutter was the genius mastermind behind the Big Bird attack. She’s a supahstah!

Heckuva job, Stephanie! And well done, New York Times! You broke the story of Cutter’s desperate, panicky Big Bird tweet that Twitchy featured on October 5.

Additional kudos to the New York Times for the lengthy Cutter profile that fails to mention her appalling promotion of the campaign’s spin that Benghazigate is only an issue because of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. And naturally, there’s not a word about Cutter accusing the GOP of manufacturing “faux outrage” over the four Americans murdered in Libya.

But there was plenty of room to swoon over Stef’s “gritty perseverance” and “dry sense of humor and sharp edge.” Lapdoggery at its finest.

And that’s not the only brilliant feat the heroic deputy campaign manager has accomplished.

The Fishwrap of Record also took precious puff-piece real estate to sneer at Twitchy founder/CEO Michelle Malkin’s criticism of Stephanocchio.

As Ms. Cutter’s role in the campaign has become more prominent, she has become a lightning rod of controversy to detractors and a skirt-suited folk hero to supporters.

Both the adoration (“Stephanie Cutter is SOOO hot,” said one online commenter) and the attacks (“Lying liar Stephanie Cutter has hissy fit,” the conservative blogger Michelle Malkin recently tweeted) directed at Ms. Cutter are often manifest in ways that a male aide, like Mr. Axelrod or Robert Gibbs, would probably never experience.

Because War on Wimmenz! Or something.

Malkin’s criticism has to do with Cutter’s womanhood? Sure thing. Nothing at all to do with Stephanocchio’s well-documented record of being a morally bankrupt lying liar who lies. And we would never direct similar criticism at men like Axelrod or Gibbs. Because no lady parts, natch.

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