As Twitchy reported earlier, Paul Ryan’s pro-life story about his nicknaming his daughter “Bean” after he saw her on an ultrasound inspired deranged gutter-tweets from people cracking jokes about abortion. Other reprehensible progressives wished rape on Ryan’s wife Janna.

But the sick hatred didn’t end there.

Ryan’s passionate pro-life stance so enrages the pro-abortion Left that many fantasized about his mother aborting him. All because they disagree with his politics. Well, that and the fact that they’re evil.

*Shrugs*. No biggie to wish an unborn child had been torn from his mother’s womb.

“Snorted and aborted”? What does that even mean? Is the incomprehensible rhyming supposed to distract from the soullessness?

Some wished that both Ryan and GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney had been snuffed out in their mother’s wombs.