On Tuesday evening, Erin Burnett asked Obama supporter Magic Johnson about the sickening hate directed at actress Stacey Dash for her pro-Romney tweet.

Finally. We were so hoping Magic would weigh in.

Johnson told Burnett, “It’s a shame that Stacey is being attacked like this.” But then he diminished her opinion by insisting that very few black people would join her.

“African-Americans,” he said, are “either going to vote for President Obama or they’re going to stay home and vote for nobody.”


Despite Moby’s expert opinion that fewer than zero black people intend to vote for Romney, we’ve seen ample evidence of black conservatives who support the GOP candidate. CNN doesn’t have much of an audience, but those who caught wind of Burnett’s interview slammed Johnson for making the election about race.

Johnson has yet to respond to his conservative critics on Twitter.