Singer Ryan Adams (or, Mr. Mandy Moore, if you prefer) is an outspoken Romney hater and faithful Obama supporter.

Really, really faithful.

Today he went a step further by outing himself as a proud member of Obama’s loyal entertainment industry bigot brigade. Skipping the Left’s beloved “magic underwear” swipe, Adams dripped with Better Than You™ disdain for Christians as he explained that “even the jesusy people who support @MittRomney can fact-check.”

“Even the jesusy people.” Lowercase “j,” natch.

Is he sure those icky Jesus cooties won’t blind Romney supporters to the facts? You know how the “jesusy people” are, especially when they’ve thrown their support behind “Mitt Doucher.”

Exit question for Adams: Is President Obama not a “jesusy” person? Perhaps Adams has been spending too much time listening to Madonna endorsements of the “black Muslim” candidate.


Singer Ryan Adams likens people who support Chick-fil-A to racists