Call off the search parties! Chris Matthews’ missing leg thrill has been located. The runaway tingle was spotted this morning shivering its way up the thigh of Mediaite’s Tommy Christopher.

Unfortunately, Twitchy cannot confirm the whereabouts of Tommy’s objectivity. Or self-respect.

Ever generous with his time, Ace of Spades helpfully retweeted the best of Christopher’s “spazzing.”

The media are supposed to “punish” presidential candidates?

Oh, Al. Bless his precious heart. And blood-stained hands.

Got that? “Real reporters” are tasked with the oh-so-noble mission of punishing Mitt Romney. It’s a calling.

Romney wants the people to diiiiiie!11!!1

Today’s episode of Spaz Theater brought to you by Hope™, Change™ and Truth Personified™.


A tweet that speaks for itself:


Christopher took to Twitter to accuse Twitchy of lying.

Evidently we lied by including the very tweets he accused us of omitting. Hey, we’re no “personification of truth” like The One. Just ask Ellen Barkin.

And then there’s this: