Obama cultists are now lining up in sleeping bags to be first to vote for The One. Actual sleeping bags.

And President Obama is awfully proud that Julias and Julios are treating the election like they’re Def Leppard groupies on the first night of ticket sales in 1988. So proud that he inadvertently provided us with what may be the greatest visual metaphor of his presidency.

Check out the “man” sporting what looks like a green adult-sized onesie at the top center of this photo:

A slightly zoomed view of this citizen of the Nanny State:

Is he waving because he lost his woobie? Does he need a fresh pacifier?

No word on whether his jammies have built-in feet and a trapdoor in the back. We can only assume.

Out: Cradle-to-grave. In: Cradled to grave.