Former reality star Adrianne Curry has tweeted some phenomenally stupid things, but today the Roseanne Barr supporter took the seven-tiered idiot cake by making a pathetic and offensive argument for same-sex marriage.

Evidently Adrianne is totally over making the moral and legal case for gay marriage. And arguments about civil rights and human rights are so last week. Her oh-so-persuasive new argument? Gay marriage is America’s untapped ATM.

As anyone who’s anyone knows, all gay people are rolling in dough and throw “fabulous” parties. So naturally, the wedding receptions alone would put us right on the road to recovery. Helloooooo, stereotype!

In Adrianomics, same-sex couples are piggy banks to smash open for a big gay windfall.

As far as we can tell, her logic is that America’s gay couples have been keeping their cash out of circulation, boldly refusing to spend it at businesses that create jobs. They’ve been stashing tens of thousands of dollars under their fabulous mattresses, just biding their fabulous time until they can blow it all on fabulous, job-creating shindigs.

You know, because the most vocal gay marriage proponents on the Left are practically obsessed with supporting job-creating businesses.

In Adrianne’s brilliant mind, if only those greedy, socially conservative bigots realized how much work gay weddings would generate for ice sculptors, fondant flower decorators and Elton John, they’d be all about same-sex marriage. Not that she’d ever vote for a Republican. Or worse, a Mormon who believes in — yikes! — God!

Further shoring up her genius case for gay marriage, Curry is looking forward to the stimulative effects of fabulous gay divorces.

What could be more financially empowering than dividing households and splitting up families?

Great job making the case for same-sex marriage, Adrianne. Just fabulous.