As Twitchy reported yesterday, the Trojan Man of the People is pushing a “Women for Obama” e-card from a poor, victimized Julia pleading with mommy to foot her $18,000 birth control bill.

She’s planning for the horror of a Romney presidency, natch. Evidently it will be just like the dark, dark days — prior to 2012 — when women had to shell out for their own diamond-studded diaphragms. (Ouch.)

Conservatives couldn’t resist giving it to Team Obama good. Real good.

An awesome new Tumblr imagines how mom would respond to the postcard from her precious child’s vagina.

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I’m sorry, are you buying a car to bring it all home in, too? It’s called CVS – check it out.

Hey, if mom isn’t willing to shell out for a platinum IUD, Larry is totally willing to help out.

I think this was sent to the wrong address, but I’d be happy to chip — if you get my drift 😉 –Larry

Er, bow chicka?

It really is like they want to be mocked mercilessly. Time for blogger Ace of Spades to get in on the hot conservative-on-e-card action.

Finally. Flukenomics explained for us simpletons! Ace truly is a national treasure.