Angry … fascinating choice of words, Nick.

Doesn’t CNN’s Nick Valencia realize “angry” has its very own entry in the media-approved “2012 Condensed Liberal Handbook of Racial Code Words”?

While CNN’s “real journalist” clutched his pearls over Michelle Malkin’s “anger,” happy warriors found her Thursday morning “Fox and Friends” hit informative and thanked her for fighting like a girl for truth and freedom.

Fancy that. “Just a blogger” doing the job media lapdogs won’t.

Sheesh. Look at all that anger Malkin stirred up. Maybe the White House should go ahead and ask YouTube to remove her “Fox and Friends” videos before things really get out of hand.


Michelle responds to Valencia while continuing to inform citizens of the — gasp! — angering activities at the White House.


Here’s an excellent question:

Watch the Fox and Friends segment here:


Is this supposed to be a burn from Valencia? If so, bless his precious, overly literal heart.

And it’s @MichelleMalkin, not @MicheleMalkin, Nick. Everyone knows “real journalists” don’t make typos.