The nerve! Like many Packers fans and at least one player, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker dared to tweet about the “painful” calls made by NFL replacement refs. Shocker: he’d like to see some decent refereeing.

Lefty translation: he’s a union-loving hypocrite who simply hates teachers and firefighters. Oh, and he’s gone off the Koch-approved message. Really.

Walker didn’t express sympathy for the part-time refs’ cushy pension demands. He didn’t propose a beer summit. He just cringed at the bad calls that have the rest of the country cringing. But according to the Left’s union fetishists, dreaded karma has shown him the light about the value of Big Labor … when football is involved.

The predictable spewing of hate and cries of “hypocrite” began immediately.

Meet any demand? Gov. Walker didn’t offer to meet the union refs’ demands; he merely tweeted his disappointment in a crappy game. Leave it to the foul-mouthed, unhinged Left to see hypocrisy in that.

At least the death threats we saw after the recall election haven’t started. Yet.