The 64th Primetime Emmy Awards ceremony was full of left-wing Hollyweirdo political jabs? Say it ain’t so!

It wasn’t just Julianne Moore’s Palin bashing and smarty pants commentary on the “electorial” process. Host Jimmy Kimmel took swipes at Republican actor Kelsey Grammer and Mitt Romney. And liberal bogeyman Chick-fil-A got not one, but two mentions.

First up, Kimmel played to Tinseltown progressives with a Chick-fil-A one-liner.

Hardy har har. Get it? Awesome progressives won’t eat Chick-fil-A. Because tolerance or something.

Next up, the cast of “Modern Family” appeared in a skit painting adorable 5-year-old actress Aubrey Anderson-Emmons as history’s greatest monster-in-training. And you know what little monsters eat while they mock gay people, right? Yep. Chick-fil-A sandwiches.

*Eye roll*.

Despite Hollywood’s best efforts, the real winner of Emmy night? Chick-fil-A.

Nom nom nom.