Out: Blame Bush. In: Blame Nakoula! (Well, and Bush. That won’t ever grow old.)

Is there anything the Obama administration and its lapdogs won’t blame on the filmmaker behind “Innocence of Muslims”?

Leave it to the Twitterverse to come up with a list of untenable burdens we can blame on a guy who made a crappy film about Islam. Hey, since he’s taking the fall for murderous riots in the Middle East, what’s a little more blame, right?


Well, c’mon. Someone’s gotta pay for that! Not to mention these insufferable hardships:


Perhaps this Twitter user hadn’t heard what happens to racist peanut butter sandwich eaters?

And from a few people who really know how to hold a grudge:

Let it go, guys. Let it go. Embrace the healing power of #BlameTheCrappyAntiIslamVideoMaker.

And let’s close it out with a boom.