Indeed. And the media’s shameless, corrupt hypocrisy in the service of left-wing goals knows no bounds.

In 2009, James O’Keefe released hidden camera videos of ACORN employees offering to help facilitate everything from child sexual slavery to tax evasion. Naturally, the media directed their pearl-clutching accusations of ethics violations and criminality at O’Keefe and Andrew Breitbart rather than the corrupt organization they exposed.

And now that selectively edited, hidden camera video of GOP nominee Mitt Romney just dominated the news cycle? The media are breathlessly reporting Romney’s campaign-ending missteps in the “devastating” video. All while gasping and eye-rolling at Romney’s request that Mother Jones release the full video.

O’Keefe destroyed the media’s brazen double standard with a simple, four-word BOOM.

Bias? What bias?

The complete video is online now.

But according to liberal logic, releasing the full video, sans selective edits, isn’t important in this case. You see, through the magical liberal lens, the context is already crystal clear. No need for media transparency!

Howard Kurtz writes:

Romney told reporters Monday night that the excerpt posted by Mother Jones did not include the question to which he was responding: “I hope the person who has the video would put out the full video.” Fair enough, but the context is pretty clear.

And speaking of raw tape: